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Introduction to Riding

All posts here are advisory. They are for you to try. Bike works is not responsible for the quality of your ride for good or ill. It is up to you to use good judgement and common sense.

If you are taking up cycling, or, returning after a period of ill health or inactivity, it is a good idea to build your capacity gradually. If you have concerns about your health [eg how to lose weight, or some long standing health issue] talk to your GP first. Know your limits and ride within them.

Make sure your bike is set up properly and mechanically sound and roadworthy.

Prepare for the worst on the road, take a basic tool kit, spare inner tubes and a pump. Even better, make sure you know how to use them.

If you are riding on roads make sure you are confident about handling your bike safely in traffic. Know your highway code and know what the correct procedures are for your manoeuvres [eg making a right hand turn].

Treat other road users with courtesy. There are some, cyclists as well as motorists, who will make this a formidable challenge. Stop and allow opposing traffic to advance, thank drivers who hold back until it is safe to pass. Take a deep breath when encountering ignorance, stupidity and bad manners. Calmer road users make for safer roads for everyone.

Off road, know your skill level and ride within it, if the terrain is too tricky for you to ride it is better to push the bike than break your bones.

What to wear
Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing. If you are new to the area be advised that the weather you set of with in Linthwaite may be very different from that on the tops or in neighbouring valleys. The Pennines can be subject to extremes of wet and cold. Hypothermia is a real risk. Prepare for warm weather too, one day the sun will shine!

What to eat
Some of these rides will lead you far from human settlement. It is always a good idea to take some food items in case of the dreaded bonk [or hypoglycaemia if you prefer]. Bananas, energy bars and dried fruit such as apricots and figs are popular choices as they contain natural sugars [complex carbohydrate], vitamins and minerals. Chocolate is considered a poor choice.

Family Fun
Family riding can be great fun for everyone. It is advisable not to ride on the road unless everyone is confident about this. It is good to practice in a safe place so you can work out how you are going to ride together and deal with hazards. Slaithwaite Industrial estate on a Sunday morning is a good place for practising.

Riding with two adults and two kids? Put one adult at the front and the more confident one at the back. On road the rear adult can hold a line away from the kerb to help traffic to pass wide and clear. One adult? Keep at the back with a clear view of what is going on. Keep the group together.

Bike works, here to help
I will check the safety and roadworthiness of your bike for free. I may also talk through your worries and concerns for the same price. Repairs, servicing and tools cost a little more.

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