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bike works newhey circular - 30 miles

If you are new to this section or website then please read the Introduction to Road Riding post first. If you are new to road riding it would be a good idea to be confident riding Bike Works Denshaw circular-harder before tackling this.

The Route
This adds another 5 demanding miles to the Denshaw Circular route.

At Delph library turn 90 degrees left and head up the B6197 to Grains Bar.

At the Grains Bar junction go straight across and enjoy the descent to the T junction.

Turn right at the T junction.

Turn right as the road levels out in Newhey, signposted A640 Huddersfield.

Proceed straight ahead at the Denshaw five lanes ends junction as per the Denshaw circular [A640] .

The climbs and descents
The descent from Grains Bar is fast and requires skill to be completed without gripping the brakes. There are sections that require vigilance. Watch for traffic turning into the road.

The climb out of Newhey is demanding and most riders would be advised to pace themselves and conserve energy rather than attacking the first rise. It is useful to have gears in reserve as the hill is just over a mile in length. The superfit will be able to climb it out of the saddle in one lung searing blast. Over the summit is another superfast descent. If Denshaw was in California this would be known as “the strip”. The young, bronzed and beautiful would cruise the restaurants and bars [there used to be three] seeing and being seen. But it isn’t and they don’t.

A better image and directions for this route can be found on bikely.com search for bike-works-newhey-circ

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