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Bike Works Denshaw circular harder - 25 miles

If you are new to this section or website then please read the Introduction to Road Riding post first. If you are new to road riding make sure you are confident riding the Bike Works Denshaw Circular.

The route
This is almost the same as the Denshaw circular route. The variation is:

At Delph library it turns 90 degrees to the left and heads up the B6197 to Grains Bar.

There it turns right back down towards Denshaw.

At the five lane ends junction in Denshaw, take the top turn right towards Huddersfield.

The first quarter of a mile out of Delph is a steep section of road best tackled with a degree of commitment. Fitter riders will ascend like mountain goats disappearing into the distance where the road levels out. Lesser riders will grovel like penitents seaking absolution for their cycling sins, usually an excess of pies in the dark, cold winter months. They will quietly curse the author for ruining their Sunday morning. [Actually, its not that bad.]

A better image and directions for this route can be found on bikely.com search for bike-works-denshaw-circular-harder.

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