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bike works saddleworth moor circular - 30 miles

If you are new to this section or website then please read the Introduction to Road Riding post first. If you are new to road riding make sure you can at least ride the Denshaw Circular Harder route.

This route takes account of the usual prevailing winds to give a tail wind over Saddleworth Moor. It has two long climbs, standedge and saddleworth moor.

The route
The route proceeds straight through Marsden and over Standedge. Half way down the other side bear left to Uppermill. Go striaght through the Dobcross mini roundabout. As the road eases off on the other side of Uppermill bear left down to Greenfield. Turn left at the T junction, at the main roundabout bear left up Saddleworth Moor. At the Holmfirth T junction bear left through the town. The road then winds towards Lockwood. Go straight through all the various junctions before bearing left along Manchester Rd towards Linthwaite. Simple and straightforward.

The Climbs
Standedge, the climb out of Marsden, is long but moderate, there may be headwinds.

Saddleworth Moor is longer and harder. Be warned, less fit riders may find Saddleworth Moor exhausting after tackling Standedge. The top section is exposed and can be a few degrees colder and windier than the lower slopes. The straight descent from the summit to Wessenden is subject to strong cross winds. The final part of the descent after the traffic calmed bends, has a large sunken drain on the left hand side. Because of this it is advisable to hold a reasonably central line on the road to the outskirts of Holmfirth.

Traffic becomes heavier towards Lockwood near the end of the route. For some reason the road surface on the sharp corner turning into Lockwood suffers the most appalling deterioration. Take care here.

There is a less urban version of this route elsewhere on this page.

Reversing Route
Reversing the route provides a more challenging experience of Saddleworth Moor. A steep two mile introduction is followed by several miles dragging into an inevitable headwind. On the right day those seeking eternal suffering may find their luck is in.

A better quality version of the map can be found at www.bikely.com search for bike-works-denshaw-circ

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