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bike works denshaw circular - 25 miles

If you are new to this section or website then please read the Introduction to Road Riding post first.

This is the standard “short” ride for local road cyclists. Short cuts can be taken if you know the territory or have an OS map.

This is a moderate route with the prevailing winds pushing against riders climbing out of Marsden. This means a tail wind when it is needed most, on the return leg. On a good day it can be possible to have the mystifying experience of a headwind out and back.

The Route
Leave Bike Works and turn right out of the car park.

Turn left onto Manchester Rd and proceed through Slaithwaite and Marsden, over the top of Standedge and down into Delph.

At the Delph crossroads turn right and follow the road round to Denshaw.

In Denshaw turn sharp right onto the A640 towards Huddersfield.

Swoop past Scammonden to the open T junction of Quebec Rd and turn right.

At the final T junction turn sharp right onto Crimble Clough.

Meander into Slaithwaite turning left at the mini roundabout.

Bear left onto Manchester Rd towards Linthwaite.

The Climbs
Standedge is a steady climb out of Marsden of almost three miles. A strong wind can make this gruelling.

The climb out of Denshaw is easy until the cleft in the moor after the reservoir. This is 1 in 8, or thereabouts, in places. The last couple of miles of the climb are reasonably shallow as the road skirts the bowl of the valley looking towards Marsden Moor. On a clear day the view is spectacular, the road in the distant valley bottom [marked black on the photo] is Standedge. the route to this point can be considered a proper climb. The mast in the distance is Holme Moss.

Crimble Clough can be an exciting descent because of its alpine bend at the bottom. But, take care as the road is narrow in places, drivers reckless and the surface perilous. It is never pleasurable to watch ones front wheel disappear into a tarmac crevasse. Alternative descents are available.

The route in Reverse
The route is much more challenging in reverse. If you do this it is worth consulting an OS map to find an alternative climb out of Slaithwaite such as Meal Hill or via Wellhouse and Bolster Moor. Crimble Clough is very steep and you are likely to be very slow. Motorists trying to pass you may not be sympathetic to your travails and try to overtake when it is not safe. Use your judgement.

A better image and directions for this route can be found on bikely.com search for bike-works-denshaw-circ The bikely version forks down to Dobcross and then across to Delph after the Standedge summit. This route stays on the A62 until Delph.

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