Repairs & Servicing

Repairs & Servicing - Bespoke Service

Bespoke Service

I recommend that your bike is serviced according to what you want and what the bike needs. This means you set the repair budget and I keep within this as far as is realistic. I aim to agree the price before you leave the shop and will consult with you if there are problems.

This means the service is based on what needs doing to your bike.

Repairs & Servicing - Standard Service

Basic Service

I recommend a basic service where a bike has been used but not abused and may have sat in a shed for several years. I will check wheels are true, brakes are working, hubs and headset are properly adjusted, chain is clean and the bike is generally road worthy.

The standard charge for this is £40. This applies to bikes with cable rim brakes and does not include parts.


Parts - Bespoke Service

Stock Items

There are now a huge range of different mechanical systems in use on bikes. It is unrealistic for any shop to cover all possible problems. I aim to be able to repair all everyday problems within the day. This means I carry a good stock of gears, brake systems, etc. to keep you on the road.

Any stock I carry for the workshop is for sale for you to use for a home repair.

So, if you find you have a problem on Saturday you can still be out on your ride on Sunday.


Specialisms - Bespoke Service

Disc Brakes

I am Cytech Level 3 qualified in Mountain Bike Maintenance.

I have bleed kits for most brands in the workshop. I have invested in expensive tooling to free seized pistons. If your brakes are a write off I can repair or replace them.

I stock shimano brakes and spares.

Full Suspension Service

Full Suspension Service

I am Cytech Level 3 qualified in Mountain Bike Maintenance.

I can service both forks and rear shocks. I carry a stock of FOX and ROCKSHOX parts and use the manufacturers recommended oils and grease. I can also service Marzocchi forks.

For current prices see the offers page.

Wheel Building

Wheel Building

By this point you may be completely aware of my level of qualification. I both build and repair wheels [when feasible].

I can build wheels to your specification using components and parts you choose.

A handbuilt traditional wheel is likely to be more resilient than a low spoked factory wheel and easier to repair in case of damage. Pound for pound you are also likely to get a much lighter wheel for your money.

I aim to build wheels to an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.

See the offers page for current offers.